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I brought a very crucial topic for your business beacuase this is era of technology and advancement no one can deny that everyone is going
technical day by day as well habitual of technology so we going to talk on the topic of digital marketing so in digital marketing social media
sites play enourmous role to reach your business level on the top like one of most loving ang using siteby the users is instagram. if you want
your business on the top level so you must advertise your business on the social media site.

so now we will discuss on the topic of digital marketing strategy

1) How to create an effective digital strategy ?

An effective digital strategy is a crucial part of a successful business; you need to know where they are going or how they are going to get there.
However, when it comes to digital, it’s surprising how many online businesses don’t have a strategy or goals in place.

2) Why is a digital strategy important ?

If you ask most business owners what they want to get out of their website, they usually answer that they want to sell more. It might be that they
want to sell more physical things or more of the services they offer or it might be brand-based etc. but they want to sell more…However, most businesses don’t have unlimited resources and they might want to sell more of one thing than another. So, that’s why
businesses need a strategy. An effective digital strategy helps successfully allocate effort and resources to best achieve business goals.

3) How to develop a digital strategy ?

Search Engine Optimisation in the finance sector is tough, particularly in the insurance market. Online aggregators with big budgets have reshaped the marketplace leaving traditional insurance brokers fighting for their livelihood. Working with an established broker we faced this exact David vs Goliath situation and to survive we needed an effective digital strategy.

We started by looking at insurance products and market opportunities and allocated resources based on the following knowledge:

  • We analysed the data and researched the online competition
  • We knew that our client was great at placing bespoke business packages
  • We knew our client earned a significant margin on business packages
  • We knew there was plenty of potential for cross-selling (from property to van)
  • We knew that small businesses can grow into big businesses

4) How To Use Facebook Advertising and Email Marketing To Increase Sales ?

If you’re a startup or small business, you have two powerful yet cost-effective response drivers at your fingertips; email marketing and Facebookadvertising. Email marketing is low-priced and efficient. You can use it to move your customers through your sales funnel, launch new products and muc more. Then, there’s Facebook advertising, with its ability to target extremely narrow audiences and utilise powerful lead generation tools.

Did you know that :-

  • 81% of SMBs use email as their main channel for customer acquisition
  • 49% of consumers say they like to receive weekly emails from their favourite brands
  • 39% of Facebook users follow business Pages because they want to receive special offers
  • When you use Facebook and email marketing channels in tandem, the results can be even better. Here are three tactics you can try today to increase your sales.

5) Use Landing Pages To Connect Facebook & Email

You can use Facebook Ads to help with building your mailing list by using a landing page. You can use landing page software such as Instapage orLeadpages to help create a quick & easy landing page that is built to convert. Your landing page should be offering something that is deemed valuable to your target customer with offerings such as ebooks or guides. In order for the individual to receive the ebook or guide, they will have to pass on their email address in return which will be automatically added to your mailing list.

It’s a win-win scenario where the customer is getting something of high-value and you’re receiving their email address which you can carry on sending valuable information to and then eventually market to. Make sure that the landing page is focused entirely on the CTA so that the customer doesn’t get distracted with links that take them off the page. Advertise to lookalike audiences

The main selling point of Facebook advertising is its targeting capabilities. You can target as widely or as narrowly your target audience. If you want to hit 25-30-year-old men, living in Leeds, who like cricket and superhero movies, Facebook makes it possible. This makes Facebook exceptionally efficient. One of its most useful features is its ability to create lookalike audiences. These are groups of Facebook profiles similar to an audience that already exists. This is where Facebook advertising meets email marketing.

For example, if you upload your email list of 10,000 email addresses to Facebook, it will automatically match those names to as many Facebook profiles as it can. Let’s say that it can find 7,500 exact matches. This is called a custom audience. Facebook will then analyse those 7,500 profiles and look for commonalities. It will then build a new audience of profile customers who are not on your email list, but who match it in as many ways as possible. This is your lookalike audience.

You can then send ads to everyone in your lookalike audience. The great thing about lookalike audiences is that individuals are likely to be new toyour brand. They probably don’t know you, but they share interests with people that know and like you. They are likely to be receptive to yourmessaging and, eventually, become customers.

6) Find those people who didn’t read your email ?

Building an email list is a must for any small or medium-sized business looking to grow quickly. When someone gives you their email address and consent to market to them, it is a sure sign that they are looking to buy from you. You can then email them with a range of news, promotions, birthday offers or information about new product launches. Emailing to your list is inexpensive (or free) and remarkably effective.

However, not everybody on your list will open every email you send to them. Perhaps you caught them at a busy time, or they are on holiday. Infact, the average open rate for marketing emails is 20%. 80% of your emails are ignored.

How can you reach that elusive 80%? Enter Facebook advertising!

Use your email marketing software to generate the addresses of people who did not read your email. Then, upload them to Facebook as a custom audience. As I outlined above, Facebook will automatically match those email addresses with a Facebook profile. You can then start communicating with them via Facebook, reinforcing your brand awareness, driving engagement. Eventually, this will lead to more sales.

7) Marketing Solutions for your small or medium-sized business!

Using Facebook advertising, combined with effective email marketing can drive sales and make a significant difference to your bottom line. At The Good Marketer, we know how to get the most from email marketing, Facebook advertising and, of course, both of them together. Our guiding principle is that we are always transparent, flexible and affordable. This makes us the perfect partner to handle your marketing, whether you have a small or medium-sized business.

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