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It’s 2018, and whether you’re a brand new business building your first website, or an established one in need of a revamp, there are a slew of factors you’ll need to take into account. Consumers and technology have evolved, SEO algorithms have changed, and new digital tools have emerged.
so now we will discuss on the topic of digital marketing strategy

1)Use These Web Design Tricks to Grow Your Business Exponentially

It’s no secret that Google loves technically excellent sites. If you want your sites to rank as well as possible, there’s no substitute for ensuring that you’re nailing the basics and doing everything you can beyond that. While some aspects of technical excellence have always been important.

2) 1) Optimizing for mobile

Mobile site visits currently account for over 52 percent of web traffic worldwide. In countries like the US and UK, this number is closer to 60 percent. Even before 2018, having a good mobile site was essential if you wanted your business to retain and convert as many users as possible.
Now, the announcement of Google’s mobile first index, which means that the mobile version of a site will be used to determine the baseline for how well a site should rank, rather than the desktop version, makes mobile sites essential for search engine visibility as well as conversion.If you want to make your site mobile-friendly or update an existing mobile site, it’s important to do it the right way.

3) There are three common solutions for mobile sites:

j.example.com — the original solution; involves creating a separate site on an “j.” subdomain and redirecting mobile users to it Dynamic serving — separate site designs are created for each device; the server loads the right one to the user depending on what device they’re using Responsive — only one set of HTML code is created and maintained, but it’s rendered differently based on screen size .

2) Speed up your image heavy website

Images are a key component of every website. According to HTTP Archive images make up for more than 60% of data loaded on web pages. Being such a critical component of almost all websites, whether it is e-commerce, news, fashion websites, blogs or travel portals, image optimization is important, and perhaps the lowest hanging fruit, if you are looking to speed up your image heavy website.Optimizing images on your website can be broadly divided in 3 categories

1)Load Lighter
2) Load Fewer
3) Load Faster

1. Resize your images

This is a must have. Resize your images to exactly what is required on your website. And no, I am not talking about resizing
using CSS or in the HTML. I am talking about resizing the image on the server and then sending it to the browser.
For example, you have a 4000x3000px image for a product you want to list on your e-commerce website. On your website, however,
you need to show a much smaller image of this product. It could be a 200x300px image on the product listing page and a 800x1000px
on the product detail page. Make sure that you scale down the original image to these dimensions BEFORE sending it to the browser.
The resized images are much smaller than the original image and will load much faster than the original image.

Thanks for read this blog i hope that you get some unique ideas for your best website .

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