Business Need

  • Operational efficiency
  • Owning to its highly perishable nature , agility holds the key to deliver quality RMC as buyers are not only time –sensitive but also spread across multiple locations.

Business Benefits

  • 16% Saving in time of delivery &15% reduction in accidents
  • 8% Reduction in chipping frequency
  • 23% Reduction in quality rejection
  • 23% Reduction in idling time

Solution Highlights

  • The RMC Solution addresses all aspects of RMC supply chain –Order management, Job Scheduling, routing to complete monitoring of the process-from loading of the concrete mix to the delivery at the customer site
  • Assets Monitored
  • The Location & Speed of the vehicle transporting the Concrete
  • RPM of the Drum of the Transit Mixer
  • Water Level inside the Drum of the Transit Mixer
  • The solution provides real time distribution information and integrates with various ERP solutions like Command Alkon and SAP