Remote Asset Management

Business Need

  • Lower cost of operations
  • Optimize energy utilization
  • Energy measurement
  • Carbon Emission Reduction

Business Benefits

For the End User:

  • Ability to view the status of Assets anytime, Anywhere & Faster service response from dealer
  • Faster response time and less operations cost for machine configuration requests that could be serviced remotely

For the Manufacturer:

  • Ability to view the entire population of connected products to gather marketing data and product trends & Increased trouble shooting ability for Manufacturer’s tech support

Solution Highlights

Batching Plant

  • Monitoring of Batching Plant Utilization factor
  • Purchase & Inventory planning -Sites located remotely need material on time
  • but not in excess
  • Quantity of Output (Concrete Mixture Grades) from Batching Plantsn
  • Monitoring of Project Progress and Project Costs –Planned Vs. Actual


  • Monitor Crane Run Hour at Remote Sites
  • Monitor Safety Limits of the Weight being lifted
  • Alignment of the weight
  • Status of Crane (Crane ON / OFF)
  • Monitoring of Lubrication oil Pressure

Diesel Generator Sets

  • Monitoring of a DG set at a Remote Site for Fuel Utilization and Loads during the day
  • Exception reporting -Sudden Rise/ Drop in Fuel Level Potential Fuel Theft

Packaging Machines

  • Remote Monitoring and control of PLC Machines
  • Enabling Field Engineers to remotely view and change PLC parameters as necessary across all sites instead of having to visit the sites physically